Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where is the highest paid police department in the USA? Part Two

The highest paid police department in the USA is not in New Jersey. It is in New York. More specifically, Long Island. Suffolk County Police earn the highest salaries in the USA.
They are followed closely by Nassau County Police, also on Long Island.
Notice the pension contributions in both the Suffolk County and Nassau County police departments. They are both NON-contributory.
New Jersey police are paid well. But the fact remains, the highest paid police departments are in New York.
The old saying that goes, "numbers don't lie, people do" may be applicable here. But I suspect the numbers are used by people to garner support for a particular agenda. Also, the people who claim New Jersey police are the highest paid in the nation, may also have been looking at the numbers a certain way. A way which doesn't tell the whole story. For instance, the average salaries of police in New Jersey were reported by the Newark Star Ledger,

The numbers are clear but why is it the reporter did not take into account the Suffolk County and Nassau County salaries? My assumption is that the reporter was basing the "average" salaries across the state. The average police salary across New York State is lower than the average salary of the across New Jersey. But the point is, New York State, not New Jersey, is home to the highest paid police in the nation. The point of this blog post is that the law of averages, doesn't necessarily add up.
Part Three tomorrow.

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