Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lazy me

I sincerely apologize for not writing a blog.  Personal issues took over for a little while.  I am on the trail to writing some interesting stuff soon.  One is a discussion of whether or not, in the post-Wisconsin world of anti public unions, are New Jersey's local police truly the highest paid in the nation or ..... not.  Well, if you would like, comment here....put your thoughts out there because I would like to hear from you. 

Another future blog post will focus on our municipal property taxes.  I include in this analysis the dreaded school property taxes.  Granted, it is a complex issue, but I believe we Jerseyans need to know what on earth we, of all people, are doing ....are we paying the highest property taxes in the nation?  Isn't this the claim by all, or at least most of us?  New Jersey does have high property taxes but why? WHY?  Any interesting and/or intelligent comments on this topic are welcome. 
Thanks.  And I hope to have some good stuff written next week.

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