Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Republicans are more interested in their social agenda than in creating jobs

The new Republican Congress has been hard at work recently.  They are not, however, working to create jobs or stimulate the economy.  They are working on their social agenda.  Yes, that is right.  After all the campaigns about jobs and the economy and smaller government, the new Republican Congress is working on anti-choice legislation and becoming more instrusive into women's lives than ever before. 

They are currently sponsoring legislation that would limit insurance coverage for women's health including the elimination of tax breaks for employers whose health care plan offer abortion services.  New Jersey Representative Chris Smith, an old hand in Congress, has co-sponsored a bill that would limit abortions to those instances of "forcible" rape.  That means if you are a victim of statutory rape or incest, you would not be covered.

So where is the smaller government?  Why are the Republicans looking to intrude into women's lives?  And, how does this help the economy?  How does this legislation create jobs?

There is no relationship to the recent anti-choice movement and the economy.  The Republicans are not focusing on creating jobs.  They are instead focusing on their political base.  Payback to those members of their base who came out and voted for them.  When you elect conservatives, you get their social agenda more so than their fiscal agenda.

In New Jersey, the politics of abortion is also on the forefront.  Governor Chris Christie has once again vetoed legislation that would provide funding for women's health care.  He talks the game of finances though.  He says there is no money for it.  But the reality is more likely he is interested in playing to his Republican base on social issues. 

And then we have the pro-life group that has been traveling around the nation taping workers at Planned Parenthood centers trying to catch them in dasterdly deeds.  So far, one worker was caught in a mistake.  Planned Parenthood is taking action in order to prevent further mistakes by their workers.  It is certainly not coincidental that the new Republican agenda in Congress and in statehouses around the nation is anti-choice. The anti-choice social agenda is now the main stay of the new Republicans.  So forget about the jobs.  Forget about smaller government.  You wanted a conservative government and you got it.

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