Friday, February 11, 2011

Conservatives applaud each other

The Conservative Political Action Conference is hosting its annual show in Washington, D.C. this weekend.  The festivities began yesterday, February 10th, with events starring such conservative stars as Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Ron Paul, former Congressman Newt Gingrich and Senator Mitch McConnell.  A new player in politics also made a special appearance, Donald "You're Fired" Trump.While it is clear those such as Ms. Bachman and Mr. Trump are using the Conference to beef up their 2012 Presidential chances, others appeared to be trying to step up to the plate to get a bite of the Tea Party's apple in an effort to stay alive.Although not at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Governor Chris Christie left New Jersey to attend a Republican group's meeting.  Governor Christie joined Republicans in Philadelphia to receive the Union League's "Lincoln Award".  The Union League is an old-time GOP club that didn't admit women until 25 years ago.  Governor Christie gave a speech filled with insults to President Obama and the New Jersey Legislature.What is more interesting to note is the reason he was hailed by the group...his work at killing casino worker, teacher, police, and firefighter jobs and by failing to make a payment into New Jersey's public pension fund possibly jeopardizing the pensions of thousands of the State's retirees and future retired public workers.A more interesting award Governor Christie received yesterday was the news that Wall Street lowered its bond rating for New Jersey from AA to AA-.   Apparently, someone is taking notice that the Governor is not paying the State's debt to the pension fund.  The lowered bond rating means the State (i.e., its taxpayers) will pay a higher interest rate on its debt.But Governor Christie's awards yesterday didn't end with the lowered bond rating, he also got news that in addition to the 115 casino workers laid off last week due to his Atlantic City casino deregulation legislation, another 33 will be laid off as well.All in all, I would say it was an interesting day for conservatives in New Jersey and in Washington, D.C.  I guess all they need to do when they get back from their parties is what they promised to do......create jobs.  We are all still waiting for that to happen.

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